Textured Swirls Nail Art

Long time no see. I haven't posted in a while because of a lot of personal issues I've been dealing with, let's just leave it at that because I highly doubt anyone wants to hear my long story. So I'm just going to apologize and we'll move onto why we're all here, the purty nail art.

Anyone that knows me, knows my absolute dislike for textured nail polishes. That being said, I accidentally bought a few not so long ago. Sally Beauty was having their anniversary sale a couple weeks ago and I picked up a ridiculous amount of nail polish and supplies...stupid, stupid Jenni! Anywho, I got a few Finger Paint polishes that were gorgeous in the bottles and didn't realize until I got home that they were textured. They're not as textured as some of the other polishes on the market and when you have lemons, you create purty nail art. So onto it.

Purple Swirls Nail Stamping

What I Used:
Base Color - Finger Paints - Rock Hard Lilac
Stamping Color - Frankenpolish - Midnight
Stamping Plate - BBF 16
Tools - Scraper, FUN Rectangular Stamper

Fab Ur Nails Rectangular Stamper
How I Did It:
After applying my base coat, I painted 2 coats of Rock Hard Lilac and let that dry. Being a matte like polish it dried pretty quickly. Next I used the swirly image from my BBF 16 plate and my Frankenpolish (which I've renamed Midnight) to stamp. I liked how my nails looked sans top coat, so that's it!

Purple Swirls Nail Stamping

I'm still not a fan of textured polishes, so don't expect me to run out and start buying up all that I can find. But because the texture is a little more subtle I quite like this. I also was dying to use one of my new BBF plates I got in a group buy. Although that was a headache in of itself that I won't go into. Either way the plates I got are gorgeous. I mean just look at that plate, how pretty is that?!

Purple Swirls Nail Stamping

Well that's it for now kiddies. Now go forth and do nail art!

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