Damask Nail Art

I jinxed myself BIG TIME! I had said in the last post that work would've been slowing down, and boy was I wrong! I've worked about 112hrs in the last 2 weeks. To say I'm exhausted is an understatement. Such as life though. Well, anywho I bring you another Adventures In Stamping Sunday challenge, the challenge was to stamp a fabric. I choose to do a damask fabric, so let's see it!

What I Used:
Base Color - Sally Hansen's Red-io Action
Stamping Color - Milani's Black Swift
Stamping Plate - MyOnline Shop's MJ XX
Tools - Scraper and FUN Rectangle Stamp

How I Did It:
I applied 2 coats of Red-io Active and let that dry. Then, I applied the damask stamp on the MJ XX plate using Black Swift. Finally, I cleaned up and applied a fast dry top coat. That's it!

I went through a lot of different color combos, but one just spoke to me. It's so purty! I also debated not top coating after the stamp because it left the red shiny, but the stamp itself matte. Ultimately, I decided against it, mostly because I want this to last a bit. :)

I can't think of anything else, except how late it is and how early I have to get up to work. So with that I bid you goodnight. Now go forth and do nail art!

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