Cardinal Jelly Sandwich Nail Art

Another Sunday, another challenge in Adventures In Stamping. This time the challenge was a stamping jelly sandwich. I was so thrilled/excited about this challenge. I've of course heard of Jelly Sandwich nails, I posted up one not too long ago, but I never thought about doing one with stamping. Of course, after the thrill died down, I remembered something important...I've made it a point in the past not to buy jelly polishes. I do have a few, but my options colorwise were severely limited for this challenge. But once a challenge is accepted, it must be done. So, without further ado...

What I Used:
Sally Hansen - Right Said Red
Sinful Colors - Pumpkin Spice
Stamping Plate - BM-H02
Stamping Polish - Spoiled - Correction Tape
Tools - Scrapper & Stamper

How I Did It:
I applied a coat of OPI's Nail Envy first and then 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Right Said Red. Next, I used the cardinal image on Bundle Monster's BM-H02 plate with Spoiled's Correction Tape to stamp my ring and pointer fingers. On my thumb, pinkie, and middle fingers I applied a coat of Sinful Color's Pumpkin Spice. Once all that was dry, I carefully applied a thin coat of Sally Hansen's Right Said Red. Finally, I applied a top coat and cleaned up. That's it!

I'm really excited with how this turned out, I just thinks it's absolutely beautiful. I'm also glad I decided to add the glitter, although I couldn't capture it in the photos, when it shifts and the light hits...stunning!

Well it's time for bed, so I must leave you, but you are more than welcome to stick around. Just please don't break anything. Now go forth and do nail art!

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