Fish Scales Nail Art

Warning! Warning!
Beware something truly terrifying lay ahead...Nubbins!! AAAAAHHHHH! Turn back now if you don't think you can handle it, I'll understand. *hangs head in shame*

I've mentioned before about the meds I'm on for my endometriosis have been making my nails weak, well this week was a bad one for my nails. I had 3 nails with tears in them and several others with cracks. I kept patching them, but on Thursday one of the nails with a tear in it completely tore off, no saving it. Well, I'd had enough, I grabbed my clippers and cut all my nails down. My OCD and frustration meant I couldn't just cut one down, they all had to go! I was angry, sad, disgusted, etc. I haven't had all my nails this short in over 2 years. I iz sad! Hopefully, they'll grow out stronger, because I already miss my nails!

Well no point in delaying this, I give you my nubbins... *cries loudly*

What I Used:
Rimmel - Marine Blue
Pure Ice - Champagne
Jordana - Copper Blaze
Wet n Wild - Flossy Flossy
Wet n Wild - Kaleidoscope Eye
Stamping Color - Milani - Black Swift
Stamping Plate - Mash-39
Tools - Stamper & Scrapper

How I Did It:
I applied one coat of Rimmel's Marine Blue and then one coat of Pure Ice's Champagne for the base color. Next, I applied the glitters, Jordana's Copper Blaze, Wet n Wild's Flossy Flossy, and Wet n Wild's Kaleidoscope Eyes in that order. I then applied a fast dry top coat to smooth out my nails and speed up the drying. For the stamping, I used the fish scale design on Mash's Mash-39 plate and Milani's Black Swift. Finally, I applied my top coat and cleaned up around my edges with acetone. That's it!

This was for a challenge in Adventures In Stamping, the challenge being nails inspired by water. This challenge was perfect for me, because I've wanted to do a fish scale manicure for forever. Don't know why I never did, but it's moot now.

Besides my nubbins *head still hanging in shame* I absolutely love this! The pictures just can't do it justice, because when the light hits the glitter changes at different angles it's just perfection! I can't say it's exactly like what I pictured in my head, or even my practice attempts, because it's so much better. I die! (Points to those who get the reference).

Well I do believe that's it for now. I'm gonna go hope and pray and wish my nails longer. But to you I say...Now go forth and do nail art!

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