Holographic Halloween Nail Art

Another day, another challenge in Adventures In Stamping. This challenge was to stamp over a holographic base, luckily I bought a bunch of holographic's a couple of weeks ago so I had some choices. It being October, I obviously had to do a Halloween holographic nail art.

For This Nail Art I Used:
China Glaze - OMG A UFO
Kleancolor - Metallic Black
Plates - W116 & BM-305
Tools - Stamper & Scrapper

To Do This Nail Art:
I applied 2 coats of base coat because I don't own an aqua base or any other base coat that's for holographic nail polish. It helped somewhat to smooth the ridges in my nails, but not completely. Once that was dry, I applied 3 coats of China Glaze's OMG A UFO. (Let me just say that OMG it was a pain applying this polish! But it's my first time playing with a holographic polish and I learned a lot more than I knew when I started.) It dried quickly so I moved to the stamping. I used the haunted house image from Bundle Monster's BM-305 plate and stamped my ring and pointer on both hands using Kleancolor's Metallic Black. Next I used the bat image on Winstonia's W116 plate on the rest of my fingers. I double stamped the bats on my thumbs, and once I was all done my ring and pointer fingers looked a little empty so I stamped the bats above the houses. Finally, I top coated it and that was it.

I'm not too happy with the base color by itself, but c'est le vie and other than that I quite like this. Though I love when the color shifts under the stamp and the rainbow shows underneath it. It's like it glows.

You can kinda see the rainbow in this pic. Not only was this one of the first times I've tried a holographic nail polish, it's obviously the first time I've photographed it. It was a pain trying to get a good picture of the holo effect. Normally I try not to get any blurry photos, but to best show a holo the photo has to be blurry.

Well, I do believe that's it for now. Now go forth and do nail art!

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