I'm a little later in posting this than I had planned, I was really sick this weekend and ended up going to the ER this morning, but here it is. It being Sunday and it being stamping, this is of course for the Sunday Nail Challenge in Adventures In Stamping. It wasn't what I had planned for the challenge, but with how much pain and how sick I've been this weekend I really didn't have the energy to do the nail art I had planned. Hopefully, I'll get better and be able to do it before Halloween on Thursday.

Anywho, enough of that. Let's move onto the purtiness...

For This Nail Art I Used:
Sally Hansen - No S-pear Time
Sinful Colors - Glow In The Dark
Kleancolors - Metallic Black
Plate - BM-H08
Tools - Stamper & Scrapper

To Do This Nail Art:
I applied 3 coats of Sally Hansen's No S-pear Time and once that dried I applied 2 coats of Sinful Colors' Glow In The Dark. I applied a quick dry top coat before moving onto the stamping. Then, using Kleancolor's Metallic Black, I stamped the full image of the hands from Bundle Monster's BM-H08 plate onto my pointer, ring, and pinkie fingers on both hands. On my middle and thumbs, I stamped the tombstone from the same plate. Sealed it all with a top coat and cleaned up around my cuticles. That's it!

I had done this nail art earlier last week, but had an itching to try my glow in the dark under it so I had to redo it. I just wish I could've taken a better picture of it, but my camera's not the greatest (I'm planning to buy a different one). In the dark the stamp is really defined and looks amazing, unfortunately like I said I couldn't get a great photo of it.

I do believe that's it for now, I'm gonna go rest. Now go forth and do nail art!

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