Trees in the Sunset Gradient Nail Art

I've had this desire for the longest while to use the tree from the Red Angel plate RA-115, but never followed it through. Then suddenly...BAM! It just clicked and I had to do a sunset gradient under a tree silhouette. I'll tell you a little secret...I've only done one other gradient and it was a really simple one, so I was really nervous/terrified going into this. Anywho, let's get this show on the road.

For This Nail Art I Used:
Spoiled - Correction Tape
Sally Hansen - Black Out
Stamping Color - Kleancolor - Metallic Black
Acrylic Paints - Blue, Dusty Medium Purple, Golden Yellow
Stamping Plate - RA-115
Tools - Makeup Sponge, Flat and Small Paintbrush, Toothpick, Paper, Blank Credit Card, Stamper

To Do This Nail Art:
First off, I started as I would any other nail art and applied a base coat. Next, I applied 1 coat of Spoiled Correction Tape. It wasn't opaque, but it wasn't necessary being that the next steps will build upon this. After it dried, I painted on a thin coat of the golden yellow acrylic paint. I discovered during my testing that just using the white didn't create the image in my head, but using a thin layer of the golden yellow acrylic paint helped create the final product more so how I had envisioned it. After that dried, I then took a piece of scrap paper and painted on a dollop of the blue, dusty medium purple, and golden yellow in the order. I grabbed a toothpick and blended the edges to each a little, after that I took the makeup sponge (which was slightly dampened) and pressed it onto it to pick up the paint. I sponged it onto the nail repeating this for every nail. I applied 3-4 coats on each nail, letting it dry in between each layer. Once I achieved my desired look I applied a coat of Seche Vite to smooth out the design and to make clean up easier. Clean up sucked! I took a coat ball soaked with rubbing alcohol scrubbed off the excess paint as much as I could.

Now onto the silhouette. I applied a small dollop of the Kleancolor Metallic Black to the tree on the Red Angel RA-115 plate and scrapped it off with the blank card. I then used my stamper to pick up the design and transferred it on to my nails. I took a small paintbrush and painted hills on with the Sally Hansen Black Out. To finish it off, I applied another coat of Seche Vite and preceded onto the clean up. That's it!

Excuse the crack in my nail. These pics were taken after work and for some unknown reason, that nail keeps cracking, even with a patch on. IDK! Anywho, don't ask why I didn't just use black acrylic paint for the hills, I'm an idiot and had put all my acrylic paints away and didn't feel like getting them back out. So I just grabbed a black polish. I do have to say, I am so happy I went with acrylic paint instead of nail polish to do the gradient, it was a million times easier to work with and the clean up was a dream. Also I couldn't find the colors I wanted among my polish collection. Shocking with how large my collection is I know, but such is life.

I am so, so, so, so happy with how this turned out. It's better than I even envisioned it, and I've gotten so many compliments on this. Although, I want to shake my fists at the Seche Vite for the shrinkage around the cuticle, but beggars can't be choosers. I just love this nail art and with how easy this was compared to my last gradient, I think I will definitely be doing more in the future.

Anywho, there are some amazing YouTube videos on gradients and stamping if anyone wants to see more or needs more explanations. But this is it for me for now, so it's with a heavy heart that I bid you all a farewell. Now go forth and do nail art!

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