4th of July Nail Art

My nails have been extremely weak lately; breaking, bending, and such. Finally figured out the probable cause, a med I had been taking for a couple months. Which is why my nails are so short right now, I had to do a cut down because of a multiple breaks. Hopefully it'll work it's way out of my system soon. Until then, I'll just have to deal and patch them when I can.

Anywho, onto the pretty, pretty nail art. It being the 4th of July week, I just had to do a 4th of July nail art.

For this nail art I used:
Jordana - White
Sally Hansen - Gem-stone
Wet n Wild - The Star of the Show
Acrylic Paint - White, Red
Thin nail art/paint brushes
Base and top coat polishes

To do this nail art:
To start, I applied a base coat and waited for it to dry. I then painted 3 coats of the Jordana White to all my fingers except the middle finger. On my middle finger, I painted 2 coats of the Sally Hansen Gem-stone. Then, I took a nail art brush and using the Sally Hansen Gem-stone, I drew half circles on about half of my pointer and ring fingernails. Because I don't have any loose star shaped glitter, I used Wet n Wild The Star of the Show and placed the stars on with a toothpick. Placing them onto my pointer, middle, and ring fingers. Next, I took a thin nail art brush and red paint and painted on the red strips to the areas on my nails with the white polish. A steady hand is somewhat mandatory, which I don't exactly have. I did go back with white paint and try and tidy up the lines. I then applied a couple coats of a top coat to finish off and to smooth out the glitter. That's it!

Besides trying to get the red stripes straight, this is an easy nail art. It's bought a smile to everyone that's seen it and keeps drawing my own eyes to admire the prettiness. A nice thing about this also, is a lot of items could be substituted. Instead of paint you could use a red striper polish (none of mine were the color I was looking for) and of course if you can find loose star glitter you can use that instead.

I'm happy with this though, it's exactly how I pictured it in my head. I do plan to get out at least one more nail art for the 4th, so please keep an eye out for it!

Anywho, that's it for now. Now go forth and do nail art!

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