Shades of Blue Water Marble

I had a hard time deciding what nail art I wanted to do next, but I finally settled on a water marble. It's been a long time since I did one and I've had an itch to do one for the last week.

Water marbles aren't difficult at all. It just takes a bit of patience and practice, but once you get the technique down it's a zip. Head over to YouTube and just type in water marble to see some videos.

I went through several different colors and combinations before settling on blue. It wasn't that hard actually, blue is my go to color being that it's my favorite color. It's easier to see in person, but I actually used 3 different shades of blue for the marble.

I painted my nails 2 coats of OPI - Can't Find My Czechbook as my base color and let that dry before putting the tape around my nails. Then I just dropped one drop of each color into the water building my bullseye. Once I had the desired amounts of rings, I used a toothpick to draw in a design and dripped my fingers in. I repeated this process until all my nails were done. Then I carefully removed the tape from around my nails, cleaned up the extra polish on my cuticles, and applied a top coat.

After all that, I sat there and stared at the prettiness that are my nails.

For this nail art I used:
OPI - Can't Find My Czechbook
OPI - OPI...Eurso Euro
Sally Hansen - Blue Me Away!
Paper Cup
Room Temperature Filter Water

I had to patch another nail and decided to fix my pointer because it looked a little odd. After I patched the 2 nails, I saw it was time for a little trim. Well it was supposed to be a little trim, but after I had trimmed them down it was late so I went to bed with no polish on. Something I almost never do and probably won't ever do again. I woke up and everything was going fine. I sat down to do my nails and started to get all my supplies together. I reached for my tape dispenser and it slipped, breaking/chipping 2 of my nails.

After cussing and crying tears of sadness, I filed my nails down further. With my OCD, I filed them all down to match. Well not exactly, 2 of my nails on my right hand are shorter, but I have a problem growing out those. Every time I get them to a nice length and to match the rest of my nails something happens and I break them. Being right handed, I've just gotten used to those 2 nails always being shorter.

Anywho...we've now reached the end of this program. So I'll sign off. Now go forth and do nail art!

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