Here I'm am today with another nail art. Today I bring you an Earth Day nail art. Now I know Earth Day isn't until tomorrow, but I thought I'd get a jump on it and I couldn't wait to use my new nail stamping plates from Winstonia.

I had some difficulties doing this nail art, but only because I was being stupid. Instead of waiting for the black and glitter to dry, I started peeling off the blue protective covering on the Winstonia nail plates thinking that I could get a head start. It was going fine until half way through the plastic got stuck to one of my nails and ruined the polish on that nail. Being an idiot I figured I would just keep going and fix that one nail. Well by the end I had ruined half my nails and felt like a total boob.

Also, you'll notice my pointer finger looks slightly odd or more curved. I have a crack on the side of the nail and had to patch it. Thankfully I bought a patch kit, so I was able to fix it and not have to cut the nail off. Especially because the crack went all the way to my nail bed, so I would have had to trim it all the way down. And with my OCD, I would have had to cut all the rest of my nails as well. A curved looking nail I can deal with, but to cut them all off would have made me cry tears of sadness.

Anywho, the nail art was pretty easy to do. I painted my nails a black, after applying my base coat of course. Always use a base coat, it'll help a manicure last longer and help to prevent staining. I then applied the holographic glitter polish and on top of that a quick dry top coat to speed up the process.

Now comes the trickier bits. I took an angled nail art brush and the blue paint and started on the half circles for the Earth. I put a thin line in the middle of my nail at the bottom to give me a rough estimate on how high up the nail I wanted the Earth to go. I then rotated the brush to create a curve towards the corner of my nails, then I waited for it to dry and applied a second or third coat depending on how opaque it was. The blue circle on my middle finger was more difficult, but using the same technique I was able to get it done. After that I took a thin brush and just randomly applied green bits to look like land.

For the stamping, I took a silver polish and stamped Earth Day on the blue circle on my middle finger. The only difficult part was lining it up, but I luckily got it right. After it was all done, I felt as if the nail art was missing something. So I grabbed another nail plate and stamped the shooting stars in the same silver polish.

For this nail art I used:
Base Color - Rimmel - Black Satin
Glitter - China Glaze - Fairy Dust
Stamping Color - Sally Hansen - Silver Sweep
Stamping Plates - Winstonia W104 for the Earth Day and Mash-33 for the shooting stars.
Acrylic Paints - Blue and Green
Angled and thin nail art brushes

I really like the finished product, especially when the holographic glitter polish hits the light at certain angles. It really looks like stars twinkling in the night sky. It's so pretty. I just can't stop staring at them.

Now go forth and do nail art!

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