Rainy Day Nail Art

We've been getting a lot of rain all weekend where I live and I love the rain so in honor of it I did a Rainy Day nail at. I was also issued a challenge by a friend of mine on facebook Bunny Watt so this nail art served a dual purpose.

I did a spring manicure last week, but it's winter where she lives, so she asked for a winter nail art. The challenge being she lives in South Africa and they don't get a traditional winter like we do here in the States. From what I've researched South Africa, specifically where she lives, their winter is more of a rainy season. So I hope I got this right Bunny!

The design is a little on the more difficult side compared to some of my other designs. For the clouds I mixed the black and white acrylic paints together, but not completely so I that would get streaks of all the shades together. The umbrella wasn't difficult to do, just simply using the red acrylic to make the top part and the black acrylic to outline the red and make the handle. The glitters were a bit of a pain though. I don't have any blue loose glitters, so I grabbed a bunch of my glitter polishes. I brushed the polish brushes onto a piece of paper and then picked up the glitter that I wanted and placed them onto my nails individually. Like I side, a pain.

For this nail art I used:
Sally Hansen - Eel Skin
Several different glitter polishes that had blue and silver glitters in them
Acrylic Paints - Black, white, and red
Nail art brushes

I hope everyone likes it and is satisfied. Now go forth and do nail art!

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