Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone.

If you'd all please sit down, I'll begin. :)

Anywho, welcome to my blog.

I know that there are many, many, many other nail blogs, but I wanted to share my experiences and such with any and all who will listen/read. I'm not any better or worse than anyone else, but I think I can add to what others have done.

A little about me. I'll start at the beginning...I was born in a small town in...OK maybe not at the beginning. I'm just a regular girl. I have a job that's not glamorous, but pays the bills. I have 2 cats that I love unconditionally. I'm not a professional, nor am I trained in any way to do nail art. I've learned to do what I do through YouTube and other bloggers.

I love nails and when someone complements my manicure or nail art it makes me feel special. I tell them it's my Zen. And that's what nail art is to me, it's Zen. It gives me peace. I block out the world for however long it takes to do my nails and it's just me and the art.

All that being said I feel as if I should warn you, I'm just starting so expect stumbles. I'm new to taking nail photos and right now I'll be taking them with my phone, at least until I can find my old digital camera. I probably will end up talking about my everyday life as well, feel free to ignore that if you'd like.

Pictures of my cats will most likely show up...ie look below. They're so adorable!!

I think that's it. So please come sit down and stay a while. I think we can have some fun.

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